The Rainforest

when i was 10, i saw this movie:

and was shocked. i was killing the rainforest and didn't even know it. i promptly donated half my allowance to save it. we all did.

and where is it now? well, replaced by global warming, obviously.

it's still endangered; we just forgot about it.


Animal Mascots

Francis, dwarf extraordinaire, 1979

Bernie the tadpole

Kingsley the man bear

Edgar, the Easter Bunny's stunt double

Halloween or Ronald?

Family Vacations

The Bergs go out on the town.

May 1978: Brian's first time on a farm

1976: the Beckers form a bunny hop backrub line

The Petersons are on a mountain.

Roger is stuck...

in a dead end job. He is currently striking.

Mom is stuck...

in the gas line. She is also stuck following this blog. Help!

Staten Island

is stuck across the river. Some believe it should be next to south Jersey.

Though not attached to the other four boroughs, Staten Island is so close.

Mob boss assassinated by four men in matching Russian fur hats.

Vinnie Russo, second from left, on leaving his New Dorp home at 6 am to watch the Giant's Super Bowl parade: "The early bird gets the worm."

The hats, priced at $30 apiece, were the most popular apparel choice in the store. Why?

"A hat lasts forever," declared a fan who had been waiting on line for nearly six hours to get his.

"You get sauce on one of those white Super Bowl shirts, it's the end of it. [But] even if you get fat, the hat still fits."


Former American Idol runner-up, Clay Aiken, enjoys sustained popularity thanks to his devoted fans, the Claymates.

Georgia Claymates with their purses

A Claymate mother and son shows off their custom shirts

Three generations of Claymates

Connie's creative claydoll for her grandson


It begins

Welcome to 'I'm stuck. Help!' a blog dedicated to your bad habits, lousy situations, and general self-moping. Why should you quit your day job and pursue your 17-year-old dream job of teaching kayaking in Hawaii? Answer: you won't. It's an economic crisis, people! You can't just 'bring the kids with you' anymore. You're getting those kids to college or they'll never survive.

So, you're stuck, but you're not alone. We offer you the gift of voyeurism, brief peeks into other people's doldrums. After all, journalists shouldn't rule the information highway. They're probably not stuck. You are.

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